Japan Mythological angel dancing Sculpture, ivory 1750 approximately The dancing maiden at Dojo temple Painting 1760 approximately Crépon, L. (drawing) Dance in costume of the priests of Odji-Gonghen at the cereals festival Print, wood 1869 Crépon, L. (drawing) Dance of the priests of Founabas (Danse des prêtres de Founabas) Print, wood 1869 Greece, Athens, collection Alkis … Read more Japan


Israel Mariam leading four girls to the dance, to music by four girls Drawing, manuscript illumination, miniature, color 1000 approximately Mariam and two other girls dancing Drawing, manuscript illumination, miniature, color 1050 approximately The dance of Myriam and the women of Israel Painting, manuscript illumination, tempera on vellum 1058 approximately Salome’s dance. Detail from Herod’s banquet … Read more Israel


India Dancers and musicians from a mural in the Monastery I of the Ajanta caves Painting, mural 500 approximately The God Shiva dancing Sculpture, relief 770 approximately Shiva as Nataraja the dance master Sculpture, relief 950 approximately Shiva dancing Sculpture, sandstone 1000 approximately Krishna dancing on Kaliya Sculpture 1000 approximately Dancing Apsara Sculpture 1050 approximately Dancing Apsara Sculpture … Read more India


China Celestial dancer Sculpture, bronze, gilded 750 approximately Vajravahari dancing on the body of the Hindu god Bhairava Sculpture, copper, inlaid in silver and gold, on a brass base 1350 approximately Four four-armed goddesses dancing and playing musical instruments Sculpture, gilt-bronze panel 1450 approximately “Two animal-headed “”dakini””” Painting, applique on silk and silk damask 1750 … Read more China